Introducing a conversational approach

At Nomansland and Hamptworth Primary school we encourage children to become ‘Super Scientists.’ We initially developed a conversational approach in the Early Years to foster learning. Following the success of this approach, we extended this across both the school and the wider curriculum. In this section we present work that is part of a long term investigation by the children and use examples of their exploration of a neighbour’s conservation garden. The children visit the garden frequently with supportive adults. This allows the children to draw the adults into their enquiries and support and guide their developing learning.

In a conversational approach, children extend their understanding of the topic of the conversation by relating new information to their own and others’ previous experiences. New information is used to develop understanding about the topic of conversation. Knowledge is built collaboratively, through participants doing things together and engaging in conversation and discussion. This may take place between children or between children and adults.
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