We use all areas of the classroom and beyond. Adults value children’s multi-sensory observations and engage in discussions about what the children have found out. The children become aware that science is all around them and there are so many interesting things they could explore! Emergent science is playful, holistic and rooted in the world around us. Adults provide the motivation and the scaffold for children to engage in exploration and interaction.

These examples show some of the children’s observations when looking for metals on a walk round the school:
J: chair legs, loopy toy, whiteboard, car door lock, toilet handle, staples
A: radiator, broom handle, frame, file hinge, door handle, screws
H: car, legs of board, train, fire extinguisher, coat peg, shower chain
B: van, handle, chain for plug, key-ring, radiator
M: frame, tap, clip, stand legs, urn, bits of drum

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