Emergent science reminds us of the diversity of children’s ideas and the ways they apply learning across different examples and contexts. After their investigations, the children share with their peers what they have found out. Children communicate their learning in many ways. They also make choices about what else they would like to find out.

The teacher questions the children about what they have discovered. This is another opportunity to foster science vocabulary.

Sophie shares what she has found out. Her peers also join the interaction and show how they too have learnt from the investigation. The positive attitude and approach of the teacher in allowing the ball to be cut in half fosters learning through enquiry.

We encourage the children to tell their parents what they have been investigating and we suggest to the parents ways in which they might support learning at home. For example, for the materials topic we suggest they look at objects at home and the materials they are made from. Children are also encouraged to bring in objects from home made from different materials.

If you are interested in exploring this theme further, see ‘Developing Your Practice – Making a Difference – Emergence
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