We are sometimes surprised by what the children wish to find out. In this clip the child suggests an unexpected enquiry.

We follow up the child’s suggestion of cutting a ball to see what is inside. The child and her peers made predictions, which include ‘sponge’, ‘fluff’ and ‘cotton wool’.
Children are given the opportunity to explore freely and then they are asked what they would like to find out. The children are asked individually to find out their chosen line of enquiry. The questions are recorded by an adult. Resources are found to support the children in finding answers for themselves and opportunities are planned for future exploration. Our approach is responsive to the needs of the children as individuals. Children’s questions are thoughtful and important to them. They draw on prior experience and lead to further enquiry.

The children have drawn objects made from their chosen material, and the teacher has scribed their questions.

Download drawing 1, png image, 373kb.
Download drawing 2, png image, 337kb.

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