Keeping a learning journal is part of our everyday practice. We record predominantly what the children say, exactly as they say it. It is valuable because we reflect on it after the event and use it to take children’s learning forward. It is a form of formative assessment and subsequent learning is planned for. We can tell which children are actively engaged, those that listen, also those that can re-evaluate their ideas. We can use the journal to remind children of their conversations. Adults are modelling the need to write.

Here we see the teaching assistant recording all conversation as it is said in the learning journal.

Holly and her notebook
Holly and her notebook
A child has chosen to take her notepad to the conservation garden to record her findings.

Her choice may have been prompted by regular use of the learning journal by staff. We encourage parents to model writing too. The focus here is the science and recording. The incorrect spelling and letter formation is not corrected or referred to on this occasion.


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