Resourcing Primary Science

This unit has been created by Rosemary Feasey to support teachers with responsibility for science in primary schools.

The aim is help teachers to develop and organise science resources, so that they can be used to full potential by everyone in the school.

The unit offers suggestions on a range of topics from developing a school policy, purchasing and organising resources, to health and safety, as well as tips for using resources and contact details for equipment suppliers.

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Association for Science EducationAssociation for Science Education

My sincere thanks to ASE for agreeing to the use of material in this unit from the publication Feasey, R. (1998) Primary Science Equipment.


A special thanks to TTS for allowing photographs from their Primary Resources Catalogues to be used and in particular Richard Wildgoose for his enthusiastic support.

cleapss logoSchool Science Service

Thanks also to CLEAPSS for access to their on-line resources for primary schools.

I would also like to acknowledge the help of teachers in the North East, who as always are so generous in their support, especially those from the following schools:

  • Linda James, Whitehouse Primary School, Stockton-on-Tees
  • Carol Sampey, Shaw Primary School, Wiltshire
  • Margaret Andrew, Fens Primary School, Hartlepool
  • Ingleby Barwick Primary School, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Throckley Primary School, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
  • Wheatlands Primary School, Redcar
  • Sue Childs
  • Elizabeth Scott, Beech Hill Primary School, Newcastle Upon Tyne